How about Vintage!

Being an Interior Designer myself, I come across people with different tastes in interiors. We designers are almost like actors. We have to prepare ourselves for every role that we get to play, be it an orthodox villager, or a modern sassy chic.

It takes a lot of practice and study for each and every role. We need to learn to love the interior style choice of our clients. We need to get into the depth of every design style no matter what we personally like or would want to suggest.

We are slaves who abide by our clients’ tastes and give them what they want.

Nonetheless, with time, we tend to develop our own taste. I personally have learned to love Vintage! <3 Now, ‘vintage’ in interiors isn’t exactly what you would call “traditional” or “conventional”. It’s more of a blend of modern and antique.

There was a time when I was new to the “minimalism” design form. I really had a liking for the Japanese interiors then. But it changed over time.

Vintage, honestly is evergreen. No matter how contemporary your lifestyle get, no matter what all new materials come in the market, no matter what age group you belong to, .. I don’t think any style can ever surpass vintage!

Have a look!


  • Mirror with distressed- wood framing. Ah.

  • Modern bed with moldings on the bed back wall

  • That mirror and those Chesters and that shelf, the flowerpot. Everything here screams vintage!